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We offer wrestlers everything from third party and overseas booking assistance to non wrestling media work and business management

Would you like to increase your current wrestling bookings with more UK dates? Perhaps you’d like to gain more overseas wrestling dates? Maybe you’d like to follow in the footsteps of wrestlers like Grado and get more work in TV and media outside of wrestling? Have you ever considered getting more paid work from teaching wrestling seminars?

Are you a pro wrestler who would like assistance in getting more bookings or high profile work? Perhaps you'd like someone to manage your diary, travel and merchandise design and ordering? Perhaps you are unsure how to deal with your personal tax and require an accountant familiar with the wrestling industry? Perhaps you need assistance in securing personal accident insurance or even the best rate available to you on personal medical insurance?


We offer wrestlers the most comprehensive sponsorship, social media management and merchandise assistance in Europe

Would you like to increase revenue for wrestling via sponsorship? In an industry that is often solely focused on direct to consumer revenue streams, The Wrestling Agency intends to connect wrestlers with larger sources of income from outside parties, located by our team of experts. Headed by former Director of Sponsorship at Sky TV Dominic De Terville, our sponsorship and third party revenue team offer a service completely unique to wrestlers in Europe.

Our highly experienced wrestling consultants can aid you in finding the areas of your personal brand that may be of benefit to third party finances and then work to locate the ideal commercial match for this unused advertising and sponsorship real estate. With over 80 years of combined experience in the industry across multiple areas, our team can offer the solutions you need to maximize the absolute most from your live event schedule, television/video or online output.

proud to offer services for all areas of pro wrestling