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Sound, lighting, video screens, event filming, content distribution, graphic design, logistics and more

The Wrestling Agency aims to provide our clients with additional services to greatly upgrade their live event production and customer experience if so required. From lighting rigs and sound systems to cameras, editing and distribution our aim is to allow promoters to make their shows look as good as possible and be seen by a larger audience than ever.  

Our team of industry experts have worked with brands from all over the world including WOS Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, ROH Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA, Defiant, NGW, Rev Pro and many more in order to create unique live event and/or TV and online content. Our team have worked on the creation of events that have been seen by more than 400,000 per year, created over 13 million video views per month on YouTube and aired in over 100 countries on television.

If you desire to take your wrestling promotion to another level, The Wrestling Agency and its team of consultants can assist you.

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ITV’s WOS Wrestling is a huge smash on Saturday afternoons. Now you can hire its top stars for your live events

The Wrestling Agency offers some of the top British wrestlers for both UK and overseas live events. We deal with everything from logistics to transport, payment to making sure the wrestlers promote their appearance. Our aim is to make the booking of wrestlers simpler for promoters than it's ever been. We do this by overseeing all of our talent's diaries and making sure that double bookings are now a thing of the past. We also offer our clients vast discounts on things like lighting, sound, sponsorship and marketing so that booking a wrestler from us comes with a string of additional benefits. 

On top of this, we aim to make sure that all talent we send acts professionally and adheres to our talent code of conduct. This allows promoters to feel at ease, confident that there is a sufficient paper trail in order to provide them protection against no shows or unprofessional behavior either before, during or after their event. The Wrestling Agency demands high professional standards from its talent and as a result can offer promoters a service that is befitting of their own professional production. 


Sponsorship for your brand and live events

Would you like to increase revenue for your live wrestling shows or video content via sponsorship? Do you need assistance marketing your events to a target demographic? In an industry that is often solely focused on direct to consumer revenue streams, The Wrestling Agency intends to connect promoters with larger sources of income from outside parties, located by our team of experts. Headed by former Director of Sponsorship at Sky TV Dominic De Terville, our sponsorship and third party revenue team offer a service completely unique to wrestling in Europe.

Our highly experienced wrestling consultants can aid you in finding the areas of your brand that may be of benefit to third party finances and then work to locate the ideal commercial match for this unused advertising and sponsorship real estate. With over 80 years of combined experience in the industry across multiple areas, our team can offer the solutions you need to maximize the absolute most from your existing live event, television or online output. 

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