Rich runs more pro wrestling events than any promoter in the UK and has 10 years’ experience managing talent

Rich took over the reins of New Generation Wrestling early on after its start up, taking it from small attendances in community centres to worldwide TV and some of the largest regular attendances in British Wrestling. 
Leading NGW to the biggest wrestling contract in Europe, close to 100 shows a year at Butlins Holiday Resorts, he was a driving force in making the company the leading touring, UK family-friendly wrestling brand. NGW also had the first full British wrestling match to air on national TV in over 25 years.

Rich regularly undertakes duties such as talent management, booking, branding, operations & logistics, production, and overall team leadership. He is involved in the running of over 150 wrestling shows a year in total and has been instrumental in leading production and event management with some of the world's leading brands such as WOS, NJPW, IMPACT & Defiant.