WWE legend appears on WrestleTalk News


WWE legend and former Women’s Champion Melina has made a surprise appearance on the hit YouTube show WrestleTalk News.

The American star stopped by the WrestleTalk studios to film a guest slot on the popular daily wrestling news channel run by Wrestling Agency partners WrestleTalk.

The former three-time WWE Women’s Champion and two-time Divas Champion, best known for her on-screen MNM partnership with Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) and Joey Mercury, taught presenters Oli Davis, Luke Owen, ‘El Fakidor’ Laurie Blake and ‘Chopper’ Pete Quinnell how to do her trademark splits!

She also then gave an interview to Oli Davis where she spoke about her recent return to WWE’s flagship TV show Monday Night Raw for their ‘Raw Reunion’.

“It was really great for me,” said Melina.

“It was the best time for me to make a comeback. Whether I go back again or not, it was great to see everybody. I had some great heart-to-hearts, say things that I needed to say, that’s why I cried so much while I was there. They were my family for years.

“To be able to have a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin and be there with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash, to think that these are all legends and I’m a legend too? That’s unreal to me.

“I never thought I could do any of this stuff. Everything is an honour and a privilege.”

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Alex Shane