Alex has over 25 years’ experience as a top level UK promoter, wrestler, commentator and TV producer

Beginning a journey into pro wrestling at just age 13, Alex is regarded as British wrestling’s top trail blazer of the last two decades and the man who spear headed the industry’s return to prominence on a televised stage. A former record breaking British Heavyweight champion himself, Alex began running the largest UK arena events since the 1980s by the time he was only 24. This led to him being headhunted by top American wrestling brands, wanting him to do the same for them both in the UK and in overseas markets like India, where he lived for a time.

By his late 20s Alex took the experience he had by previously being a former Talksport radio host and moved into TV production, making multiple wrestling shows for Sky and other global networks and launching WrestleTalk, which is today one of YouTube’s biggest wrestling channels. This lead to an large increase in his consultancy portfolio as he has since worked on projects for ITV, BBC, MTV, Sky One and more. Outside of consultancy, Alex also has an ownership stake in multiple wrestling brands, publications and production companies, giving him a unique perspective when compared to other consultants in the media industry. It’s fair to say that very few have packed more into a quarter of a century in the wrestling industry and across such a wide range of content as he has.